Innovation to the core

A Blueprint for Transforming  The Way Your Company Innovates 

Peter Skarzynski and Rowan Gibson - With an introduction by Gary Hamel - Published March 18, 2008 - By Harvard Business School Press

Innovation is the new management mantra. In an economic era marked by accelerating change, hyper-competition and rapid commoditization, it’s now the only option companies have left. CEOs everywhere might acknowledge this fact, but in most organizations innovation is still more rhetoric than reality - more buzzword than core competence. Indeed, making innovation a deep, corporate-wide capability remains one of the great challenges of our times.

This book aims to change that. It gives managers a blueprint for building a corporate innovation system that actually works. Based on years of experience with some of the world’s most innovative companies, Innovation to the Core does what no other book on this subject has ever done: it gives readers a practical and structured guide to building and deploying an enterprise-wide, innovation capability. This groundbreaking book offers companies a market-proven process for out-innovating the competition, creating new wealth and making innovation a corporate way of life.

By reading this book you’ll discover:

• How to make innovation an enterprise-wide capability that involves the whole organization

• How to rapidly enlarge and enhance your innovation pipeline with breakthrough ideas

• How to systematically innovate across all the Components of your business model

• How to dramatically improve the efficiency of your innovation spending 

• How to use the power of IT to enable and manage innovation across the enterprise 

• How to put systems and processes in place that make innovation self-sustaining

• What you as a leader – or front-line innovator – can do on Monday morning to start making innovation happen inside your organization 

Innovation to the Core provides an action plan that can help you make innovation a deep, systemic capability in your own company, and it showcases several organizations where enterprise-wide innovation is already a reality. It explains what works and what doesn’t, and how your company can successfully overcome innovation’s various challenges and conundrums.

If innovation is now the #1 priority on your own management agenda – and if it isn’t it should be! – then this book for you. 


Praise for Innovation to the Core

“ This outstanding book opens the black box of innovation, moving it from a noble aspiration to a set of organizational realities. The book is comprehensive, pragmatic and accessible, providing ideas that will be useful from the CEO to the shop floor. Skarzynski and Gibson have cracked the innovation code!”

Dave Ulrich, Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan - Co-author, Leadership Brand

“At last, a book that tells us what innovation really is and how we can embed it into the DNA of our companies. A splendid guide book with terrific examples.” 

John Naisbitt, author Megatrends

“This is a breakthrough book that radically challenges the way we think about innovation. It shows us that innovation is not the sole province of hot teams working in technical R&D, product development or design. Instead, the authors establish a new paradigm for organizing innovation that involves everyone in the company, all the time—as well as many minds on the outside. Innovation to the core will have a profound impact on management thinking.” 

Stefano Marzano, CEO & Chief Creative Director, Philips Design

“Innovation to the Core is one of those rare business books that live up to what the title promises. This excellent and exciting work is a must-read for managers whose survival is dependent on how to create the new and innovative."

Fons Trompenaars, author Riding the Whirlwind, creating a sustainable culture of innovation"

“Up till now, innovation has been a religion without a bible. Skarzynski and Gibson’s new book fills the void with an overall vision and a concrete plan of action.”

Al Ries, co-author, The Origin of Brands

“In a time awash in books about innovating around the edges, Skarzynski and Gibson give us a serious study of how to deeply embed innovation and make it part of cultural change.”

Kevin Maney, technology columnist and author of The Maverick and his Machine