Rethinking the Future

Rethinking Business, Principles, Competition, Control & Complexity, Leadership, and the World

By Rowan Gibson

With a foreword by Alvin Toffler

Featuring original contributions from Charles Handy, Stephen Covey, Michael Porter, CK Prahalad, Gary Hamel, Michael Hammer, Eli Goldblatt, Peter Senge, Warren Bennis, John Kotter, Al Ries & Jack Trout, Philip Kotler, John Naisbitt, Lester Thurow, Kevin Kelly

To date it has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. The book has been No.3 in the Financial Times best-seller list (UK) and has reached top ten status in several other countries. 

Rethinking the future brings together a unique collection of Rowan’s interviews with some of the world’s best-known business thinkers: Charles Handy, Stephen Covey, Michael Porter, CK Prahalad, Gary Hamel, Michael Hammer, Eli Goldratt, Peter Senge, Warren Bennis, John Kotter, Al Ries, and Jack Trout, Philip Kotler, John Naisbitt, Lester Thurow and Kevin Kelly; with an introduction chapter by Rowan Gibson and a foreword by Alvin and Heidi Toffler. Together, these great minds define the new paradigm that will revolutionise business and society in the 21st century.

Rethinking the Future recognizes that, everywhere we look today, powerful new forces are reshaping the world that we thought we knew. Traditional boundaries between industries, disciplines and countries are rapidly blurring, and the old rules of management no longer make sense in a post-industrial world.

Rethinking the Future is about a world of increasing uncertainty in which the very nature of work, of organizations and of economics is changing. It looks at how organizations can be redesigned to survive and thrive in today’s hyper-competitive global environment. How they can learn to adapt to change and dramatically improve their performance. And how they should be ‘managed’, if at all.

Rethinking the Future examines the changing role of the leader and the powerful influence of corporate culture. And it probes the universal principles and values that ultimately govern the success of any leader or organization. It also looks at strategies for creating tomorrow’s markets, which will be driven by new demographics, new global structures and new technology.

Most importantly of all, the book gives readers a framework for understanding the big picture. It provides a panoramic perspective that puts all the pieces together in a coherent and easily understandable context. In fact, it represents an entire bookshelf condensed between two covers - a business education for the 21st century. 

Rethinking the Future is essential reading for anyone concerned with business success beyond the next quarter.


“ Rowan Gibson has assembled the dream team of business thinkers. The strength of the book rests in its cast of characters. Its members are some of the biggest names in business, and reading them in a single, bound volume is like passing through a business hall of fame... seeing these theories backed one on top of the other is insightful in itself. Rethinking the future is a great “thinking” book... it certainly will provide a sneak peak at what’s coming tomorrow.”

- Sales and Marketing Development

“This assembles an all-star gala: Handy, Covey, Porter, Prahalad, Hamel, Hammer, Senge... An excellent introduction to these men’s work from their own lips. If you’ve ever wanted to see the way of the future, this book is for you. It brings together the thoughts of some of the most well-known business gurus on the changes that organizations will have to adapt to in the future. The book contains some fascinating insights on rethinking markets, principles and competition.”

- Management Consultancy

“Rowan Gibson has demonstrated editorial skills of an exceptionally high quality... The various essays are, without exception, informative, challenging, thought-provoking and well worthy of perusal.”

- Modern Management

“Gibson’s triumph has been to gain an audience with no fewer than 16 top business thinkers, all of whom have “guru” status. Not only that, but he has managed to weave their loosely connected insights into a useful map of the main issues. Based on one-to-one interviews, the book’s conversational style makes the ideas more accessible.”

- People Management

“Managers will realise that this book is invaluable for the insights it offers in ‘strategic thinking’ - that vital activity which organisations and their leaders must undertake if they wish to understand underlying market trends and be ‘top dog’ in the future through taking action now. Rethinking the future tackles this world of increasing uncertainty head-on.”

- Management Skills and Development

Comments from readers:

“I've just finished re-reading your book "Rethinking the Future" It is one of the best books I've read on the future.” 

Anthony Sive, Terraplanet, USA

“A wonderful book.” 

Ramesh Kaul, Dy. General Manager, State Bank of India

“Compelling, great, inspirational. It’s ‘turn up the volume' stuff for the mind.” 

Lars, Holland

“Maybe the best management book I have ever read.” 

Ivan Petkov, Bulgaria

“I am a management student at Brunel University, and your book has guided me through my course, exams, as well as helping me too get an A+ in my assignment. Many thanks.” 

Amanda Burke, Final Year Management Student, Brunel University, UK 

“ I was so excited about your book that I read through it twice within four days.” 

Habib Drammeh, Gambia 

“I took 'Rethinking the Future' with me on holiday as my 'keep myself up to date' reading project and was delighted to find it such an engaging and enjoyable read. The content was both inspiring and thought provoking - plenty to think about in every chapter. The book makes a fantastic contribution at the beginning of this millennium.” 

Aly McNicoll, Credos Associates, New Zealand 

“I have found your book an invaluable tool. It currently serves as my business "bible". 

Justin Kennedy, Dublin, Ireland. 

“I've just read and enjoyed the depth and pace of your book Rethinking the Future. Thank you for your inspiration.” 

Joan Blaney, National Programme Director, Scarman Trust, UK